Pittsburgh Scrabble® Club  

NASPA Club #352

Pittsburgh, PA

A North American Scrabble® Players Association sanctioned club

Rules, Rules, Rules

Each club has its own style of play — some are just social outlets where people get together to have fun. Other clubs' meetings are very competitive and each session is essentially a mini-tournament. Our club is a healthy mix of the two. We have fun but we also take the game seriously. Since prizes are awarded periodically we follow established tournament rules. However, the prize structure has some luck built into it so that it is not always the top players who win the prizes — everyone has a chance.

Yes, it's still the Scrabble® game you know

The basic rules are the same as the game you play at home but there are a few differences which reflect tournament play rules:

New Players Take Note

New players are allowed certain exceptions until they win three games at our club. New players get an additional five minutes for their games. They can also use the NASPA two- and three-letter word list [provided to new players] during the game. They may also challenge words without penalty. Players will be considered to be new players if they have never played in a tournament before and have not yet won three games at our club.