Pittsburgh Scrabble® Club  

NASPA Club #352

Pittsburgh, PA

A North American Scrabble® Players Association sanctioned club


You have found the website of the Pittsburgh Scrabble® Club (North American Scrabble® Players Association Club #352) in Pittsburgh, PA. Feel free to explore the site by way of the links above and read on to learn about us.

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About our club

The Pittsburgh Scrabble® Club meets every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Panera, 3401 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Questions? Contact Tom Chang [tscjiv@gmail.com].

The skill level in our club is very wide. It ranges from pretty good "kitchen table players" to just below expert level. However, we welcome players of every level who want to have a good time and improve their game at the same time. We believe Scrabble ® is much more fun if it is played at a higher level. At our club you will have a chance to play people at all levels. The age range of our players is from about 13 to about 85.

Read what Shady Ave Magazine wrote about our club in Dec. 2014 in their article, "Games People Play," about gaming clubs in Pittsburgh.

How to join

It couldn't be easier. All you have to do is show up at one of our meetings and play. There is no paperwork — nothing to fill out — all are welcome. Sessions at Panera are $3.00 or $25 for a 6-month membership (Jan. to June OR July to Dec.). First-time visitors to our club play for free. We encourage players to join the North American Scrabble® Players Association but it is not a requirement. If you plan to play in tournaments, you will have to join.


Periodically, we recalculate the ratings of players who attended the previous club session. We use the same formula used by the Internet Scrabble® Club (an excellent place to play Scrabble® and improve your game). The formula is very close but not identical to the formula used by the North American Scrabble® Players Association. A player's rating will change after each game depending on the current rating of the player, his/her opponent's rating, and the margin of victory or loss. These ratings are distributed via email.

Other information


The club can generally supply you with what you need to play on a short-term basis. However, our supplies are limited and it is always helpful if you bring your own Scrabble® supplies, if possible. In the shopping link above you will find places to buy some of the items we use if you like playing competitive Scrabble®. Here is what we use and what you should bring if you have them:

Information for new players

If you have never played at a club or tournament before, welcome! Please take a look at the rules page so you know what to expect. Remember, as a new player you are exempt from certain rules until you win three games at our club.


If you want to come and watch first before playing — that's fine. We think once you see how much fun we have, you will be hooked and want to play.

Students under Age 18

Students in all grade levels are welcome, though they should be aware that some of the words used in competitive Scrabble® may be offensive to some individuals. In our realm, no words are offensive — they are simply considered a sequence of letters used to make a play and obtain as high a score as possible.